Hazal (Hande Erçel) and Kenan (Tolgahan Sayman) her lover.  Vural (Berk Hakman), who has promised not to leave each other and who lives in a small coastal town in the Aegean, and the lives of two lovers will be crushed.

Kenan and Hazal are two young people who are very much in love with each other living in a small seaside town. Their lives are simple, modest, and their little love is huge. This is the only thing they wish to have the life of two generations Hazal’s father, Midyeci Khalil who mistake is broken and finally married.

Halil does not know how to break. In his eyes, Canaan is a naughty ordinary miserable fisherman, and his daughter will be miserable. Kenan has taken the legendary Siyah İnci (Black Pearl), which is immersed in the loser, impossible to find, and embellished his love, which he saw as his own miracle, with another miracle. Halil‘s mentality and attitude will not be enough to separate them. Moreover, Hazal’s mother Angel who knew the language of love well at least as well as they were behind them …

Kenan and Hazal are two people who live on a small seaside and are crazy about each other. Their love is great because their lives are simple and so modest. They have something they want in their lives, and the room is the father of Hazal and ending the maid of honor, who is a midyear, to allow his love and unite his life. Khalil does not break his blessing. Kenan thinks he can not look at the girl with the money she earns from the five-point money fishing and thinks she can not give her the life she wants.

The dive of the Canaan takes off the Black Pearl from the sea, which has become a legend close to impossible to dive. If Halil stubborn, he will not be able to prevent the love of the two. Hazal’s mother, who has the love of love like them, is supporting them in Melek. But until that day. It is difficult and legendary to find a black pearl monk, but it is black in the end. Just like Hazal and Kenan‘s love. Vural Demiroğlu has unlikely to get out of his nightmare and breaks the story of the Siyah İnci (Black Pearl). Without doing anything …



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